Stephanie Gottlob is a somatic improvisational movement artist. In 2019 she bought a truck camper and has been on the road for almost 2 years exploring movement improvisation, somatic experience and creative process throughout the various natural biomes of North America (forest, lake, tundra, swamp, grasslands, river, desert).

She lives for at least a month in each biome as remotely as possible. While there she explores improvising with the various elements of the landscape as well as engaging in mindfulness meditations and body based awareness activities in direct relation with land. Her partner takes photos and videos of her movement improvisations on location. Stephanie then creates images and video-dances from this raw footage.

 When not in the biomes, Stephanie attends various artists residencies where she creates video dances and shares her nature-based work with others. In 2019 she was an artist in residence at  Earthdance in Massachusetts; in 2020 at Elkenmist in Washington and will have an upcoming 2021 artist residency at The Narrows in British Columbia. 

 In October 2020, she also presented her work, Dancing the Biomes (interview) and Embodied Art (panel discussion) at the on-line Embodiment Conference on the Ecology and Research Channel. 

 After PLAYA she plans to return to Canada to explore the next biome: the temperate rainforest.