Equity Statement for PLAYA

(Adopted March 10, 2019)

PLAYA is committed to equity and welcomes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, countries, and political perspectives.

The PLAYA staff has been trained in Equity Awareness. We are mindful of institutionalized racism, oppression, and economic, social, and accessibility inequality in our country and mainstream culture. We continually strive to recognize and combat biases embedded in personal views as well.

PLAYA is located in rural south-central Oregon, with demographics and services very different from the urban experience of many of those we serve. Through outreach, education, and resident orientation, we work to promote understanding across the urban-rural interface to assure that people of all backgrounds feel safe and respected on our grounds.

PLAYA commits to reflection, acquiring constructive feedback, and evaluating all areas of our organizations, so we do not play a role in perpetuating inequality. To that end, we are doing the following:

  • We recognize the privilege implicit in colonial culture of the Americas and begin all residencies acknowledging the indigenous history of this landscape and the Native people who still live in this region
  • We gather demographic data to make inclusive decisions and monitor juror bias
  • We form strategic partnerships to offer residency awards to an inclusive range of applicants
  • We solicit nominations from diverse networks so we can be known to a broader range of people
  • We continually seek broad inclusion in our applicants, partners, board members, and donors
  • We regularly host open-house events for the Lake County community to engage with residents for a shared understanding.

We believe the equity movement requires everyone to be involved. We are committed to education, respect, and inclusivity in meeting people where they stand and beginning the conversation.

Your help in helping create a diverse culture is welcome.

How you can help:

  • Promote our calls for applications and events to your networks
  • Donate to organizations or people you know need economic support to attend a residency
  • If you belong to an underrepresented community and are looking to give your perspective through non-profit board experience, we would love to talk to you
  • Inform us of diverse partners, granting agencies, and other supporters with missions similar to ours
  • Fill out this nomination form recommending people who should apply for a residency at PLAYA.

We celebrate and want to protect the free expression of the diversity of all life, including the biosphere. We respect diversity of race, education, ethnicity, ancestry, color, size, physical ability, national origin, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, religious background, marital status, military status, strengths, and other differences.

Disclaimer: We strive do our best for equity in all forms known now and in future and to be more inclusive and open to all. This Equity Statement is a living document, which we will amend in future, as we all are learning in real time.