Themed Residencies 2018

I Once Was Blind But Now I See: When Spirit and Science Look Through the Same Lens | April 2 – 27, 2018

We invite artists, naturalists, theologians, ecologist, and other scientists to apply for this four-week residency that will consider the possible relationships between the scientist’s Eureka moment and the spiritual moment of epiphany. Are there points of contact between the scientific way of knowing and the spiritual/religious way of knowing? Is the dichotomy between spiritual and scientific that has grown wider in much of the world a necessity, or are there bridges between the two that can lead to a wider understanding of why we’re here and how to go about our lives? Inclusive thinking and sensitive cultural responses to the changing environmental and political landscapes are now more important than ever. Preference will be given to applicants who have a history of collaboration and/or are willing to engage the greater community as well as artists who apply with a scientist and scientists who apply with an artist.

Participating Alum: Phil Dimecco, John Greiner, Annie Chen, Elori Kramer, Adam Baz, Bruce Livingston, Bethany Rowland, Eleanor and Richard Berry, Caryl and Jay Casbon, Frances Greenslade, Abney Wallace, Roger Peet, Margaret Chula, Tricia Knoll, Tamara English, James Newton

   Inspiration/Information/Integration: Art/Science Solutions to Ecological Problems | July 2 – 27

PLAYA invites visual, literary and performing artists and scientists to a unique residency opportunity that explores collectively and individually the possibilities of art and science finding ways forward on the ecological problems that face us today. We are looking for innovative artists and scientists who want the opportunity to integrate cross-disciplinary approaches in search of meaningful understanding and communication.  Preference will be given to applicants who emphasize groundbreaking approaches to interdisciplinary work in science, writing, visual art, video or performance and who are interested in integrating experimental and collaborative strategies with other residents and/or willing to engage with the greater community.

Participating Alum: Tomi Hazel Ward, Cara Jaye, Guillaume Mauger, Suze Woolf, Clarissa Callesen, Sonora Jah, Liz Young, Kelli Connell



String Theory | September 17 – 28 | From musical strings to the related strands of scientific string theory to the woven strands of tapestries and weavings to the strings of words poets and prose writers assemble, this themed residency will explore the points of contact among all disciplines and the ways in which strands from one might be woven into and enrich another. Exploration, collaboration and experimentation will be the watchwords of this exciting, open-ended two-week residency.

Participating Alum: David Leach, Julia O’ Connor, Jon Nystrom, Tracie Hayes, Susan Alexjander, Jennifer Trail



Labor of Love: Artists and Scientists Ask: “What Is Our Work in a Wounded World?” | October 15-26 | “Developing strategies for troubled times: We bring together artists, scientists, and a common love of place to engage with the environmental crisis through discussion and possibly through collaborative projects.” Participating Alum: Garet Lahvis, Geoff Smith, Anke Schuettler, Michael Niemann, Kate Partridge, Gail Foster