Apply to Teach at PLAYA


PLAYA offers creative and natural science and history workshops in a variety of 3-10 day sessions that explore and integrate PLAYA’s natural assets. Creative workshop proposals that offer a combination of skill-building, group activities, 1:1 mentoring sessions with ample time for generative practice and independent work are encouraged. Group meals and group shares create an opportunity for deep connections and personal and creative growth.

We also seek proposals for shorter (2-3 days), non-generative workshops that focus on field excursions to experience the natural assets around PLAYA such as geology, anthropology, dark skies, and high desert wildlife and biology.

If you’re an experienced facilitator and interested in leading a workshop at PLAYA, please read our FAQs (below) and fill out our proposal formProposals for 2024 are due by August 14, 2023 (extended). If you have any questions, please email info@playasummerlake.org or call 541-943-3983.



What will be asked in the proposal form? Your contact information, title of workshop, workshop description, workshop agenda, materials and supplies list, materials fee (if any), skill and mobility level required of participants, names of co-teachers or assistants,  teaching fee, images we can use to promote the workshop (of you, your work, student work or people enjoying one of your workshops), and two references from direct supervisors from previous workshops you facilitated.

Examples of current workshop descriptions and agendas can be found below.

Agenda Examples

When do workshops take place at PLAYA? Workshops for 2024 will take place between March 14-July 15 and Sept. 5-Oct. 14. We cannot offer dates outside of this range due to our scheduled Awarded Residency program.

How long does each class last? We offer workshops in sessions of 3-10 days. A typical workshop schedule is 9-4, but daily workshop schedules can vary at the discretion of the instructor and can include early field starts, evening instruction or group shares and potlucks, or other options.

Where do instructors stay? All instructors stay in a private cabin on the PLAYA campus. We will assign a cabin for the instructor based on availability. Collaborative teaching teams (including assistants) that are non-couples will be assigned a two bedroom cabin to share.

Where do participants stay when they sign-up for a workshop? Workshop participants will have the option to reserve a cabin, single room or camp spot on campus when they sign-up for a workshop. We also offer a “workshop only” option for folks that already have a place to stay or prefer to stay elsewhere.

How are instructors paid for teaching at PLAYA? Instructors will request a teaching fee in the proposal.  Include any necessary compensation for travel when determining your teaching fee. Teachers will receive payment at the conclusion of the workshop.  The price of the workshop will be established based on the teaching fee you request, plus the cost of any meals we provide. If folks choose a workshop and lodging at PLAYA, the price of the workshop will include the lodging fee.

May I bring my partner, friend, pet, or child? Partners are welcome to come, but please include this information in your proposal and deduct this added benefit when determining your teaching fee. Partners are welcome to join for meals but are not participants of the workshop unless they register. If your partner is your teaching assistant you must include that information in your proposal. Friends are welcome to come if they register for the workshop. PLAYA accommodates service animals only. PLAYA programs are for adults 18+.

May I bring an assistant or co-teacher? We welcome team teaching. If you want to bring a teaching assistant you must include that in your proposal along with any compensation they require that will part of the overall teaching fee. Collaborative teaching teams (including assistants) that are non-couples will be assigned a two bedroom cabin to share.

Are meals provided? We offer a few meals during workshops depending on the length of the workshop. If your proposal is accepted, we will work with you to determine which meals we will offer and the best time in relation to the proposed workshop agenda.  All other meals are provisioned by the participants. Every cabin is equipped with a kitchen and dining room. Instructors can plan additional potlucks to be shared in the Commons building but the guests and instructor will be responsible for clean-up.

Where will I teach my workshop? Writing and all non-messy workshops will be held in the main Commons lodge.  We have a beautiful gathering space downstairs with a projection screen and tables. We also have an upstairs loft space with a sliding wall and projection screen for a more private and intimate space. Art workshops will be held in adjoining Sandhill and Avocet studios. Presentations can be held in the Commons lodge. Cabins have additonal work space for generative, independent work and some have aattched studios.

What is expected of me? Once you are on-site, you are responsible for the class and participants. Staff are available during business hours and meals for workshop support. Staff live on-site to assist after hours emergencies.

Who are the students who enroll in a PLAYA workshop? PLAYA’s workshops are open to students of diverse abilities and levels of experience. Instructors will determine the experience and ability expected in each class. Most classes are open to all levels unless specified.

What happens if my class doesn’t fill? We require a minimum of four participants to run the workshop. If we have less than 4 participants 3 weeks from the start date, we will cancel the workshop. We may reach out to renegotiate your teaching fee if less than 4 people participate.

What is a typical class size? Except in unusual cases, our minimum class size is 4 and our maximum is 12 for generative workshops and up to 16 for shorter, field excursion only workshops. The instructor can determine a smaller class size for a more initmate experience. We may run a simultaneous program on campus if a workshop proposal is accepted that requires a class size of less than 10.