Apply to Teach at PLAYA

PLAYA’s master classes are taught by experts in their fields and are open to students of diverse abilities and levels of experience. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor for a PLAYA master class, please read our FAQs (below) and fill out our proposal form. We take proposals on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, please email info@playasummerlake.org or call 541-943-3983.



When do master classes take place at PLAYA? Classes are held once a month from April to November. We prefer to schedule classes on the first weekend of every month but offer alternative dates to accommodate some schedules.

How long does each class last? Our workshops run from one to four days, all the days of the week. The typical length is two to three days, from 10 am to 4 pm each day. (Daily workshop schedule varies at the discretion of the instructor and can include earlier field starts, evening instruction, or other options.)

Where will I stay when I’m teaching? All teachers stay in PLAYA’s Wildcat cabin unless another cabin is available. Wildcat is a townhouse just north of the Commons building. It has a multi-use studio and access to wifi.

How are instructors paid for teaching at PLAYA? Instructors receive 30% of total event revenue, including cabin rental. Instructors may also trade in part or whole for personal retreat time at PLAYA if space allows.

May I bring my partner, friend, pet, or child? Talk to us about it. PLAYA accommodates service animals only.

May I bring an assistant or team teachers? We welcome team teaching. The team as a whole will receive 30% of total revenue.

Are meals provided? We offer communal dinner arrangements with our chef that are determined by the length and scheduling of the class. Breakfast and lunches are provisioned by participants. Every cabin is equipped with a kitchen and private dining room. Meals may be shared potluck style in the Commons building.

Where will I teach my workshop? The rooms in the Commons building serve as our main halls for teaching. We do have the Sandhill printmaking and Avocet multi-use studio available.

What is expected of me? Once you are on-site, you are responsible for the class and participants. Staff are available during regular business hours and in case of emergencies.

Who are the students who enroll in master classes? PLAYA’s master classes are open to students of diverse abilities and levels of experience. Instructors help PLAYA determine the experience and ability expected in each class. Most classes are open to all levels unless specified.

What happens if the classes don’t fill? You are paid based on the number of students who attend.

What is your minimum class size? Except in unusual cases, our minimum class size is six.