Using graphic imagery that depicts his cultural heritage, aesthetic interests, and personal influences, Javier Flores arranges visual compositions that are heavily symbolic narratives that explore the tragedy of his paralysis at the age of nineteen due to a gun-shot wound, and subsequently the trials, tribulations, and ultimately the triumph that followed. Though the work does not always reference the paralysis, and the overwhelming pitfall of depression, hatred, and shame in response to a reckless act of violence, these realities linger deeper than any physical scar and permeate the physical work as a constant reminder. Yet, Flores has found healing through family and friends, martial arts, and visual arts. Recently finishing his Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Flores has moved back to his native state of Colorado, where he ultimately expects to find employment at the higher education level. Having taught at a local nonprofit gallery that offers artistic assistance to people with physical and cognitive disabilities, and basic level classes at the University in graduate school, Flores believes he has the most to offer society in this capacity of educator.
Incredibly grateful for being selected for the Creative Access Residency Fellowship at Playa, Flores is determined to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and solitude to focus on a body of work that will involve paintings concerning the idea of the sacred feminine. Flores wishes to thank everyone involved in the selection process and is extremely excited to demonstrate his artistic ability.