Julia Hands is an editor and writer from Seattle. A Washington local, she grew up in the Seattle-area and earned her MFA in creative writing at Western Washington University. Maybe because she has always circled around where she grew up, as a writer she’s interested in stories we tell about home and family, and the components that make up those ideas. She writes to better understand how the way we classify ourselves impacts the way we engage with landscapes and the lens we see them through, and how the landscape shapes us in return—and she hopes to learn more about those landscapes during her time at Playa.

While at Playa, she plans to work on her collection of linked short stories that follows the migration of a family from Chicago and California to the Pacific Northwest. Over the course of the family’s migration, members encounter changes in class status, family loss, and desires to find homes all within the context of a changing landscape acutely worsened by climate change. The current editor in chief at Crab Creek Review, she has also worked with the Bellingham Review, 5×5, Write Our Democracy and Lit Crawl: Seattle.