Nesbitt is a contemporary performance artist who merges physical comedy, performance art, and sound/video to create original, outlandish performances that defy easy categorization.

Juxtaposing pratfalls with the seriousness, absurdities with sincerity, and pathos with surreal-humor, Nesbitt embodies the archetype of the fool. Timely themes of feminism, sexuality, aging, healing, intimacy, alienation, and love are examined and expanded.

Nesbitt employs layered costuming, makeshift props, and superhero motifs. Lowbrow video animations merge with non-linear narratives and absurd audio mash-ups. Shapeshifting characters, audience interaction, and the utilization of opaque marketing techniques make for a dynamic intermedia comedy.

Atmospheres fluctuate between high energy bathos and amusing moments of quiet intimacy. Nesbitt holds thought provoking radical space and dissolves disciplinary confines. Audiences members have described Nesbitt’s performances as transcendentalist hilarity, utterly inexplicable, and wonderfully wrenching.