Marsha’s work mines elements drawn from the natural world, sciences, ethnology and philosophical texts to explore how we have historically defined ourselves in relation to our environment. Through the juxtaposition and layering of superficially disconnected materials, surprisingly common threads emerge. This organic process often crystalizes how belief systems shape and constrain our experience of the world. In exploring these ideas, the work strives to stimulate a more productive and deeper engagement with our environment.

Marsha Slomowitz founded Corvidae Press, a 40-member printmaking studio at Centrum, after a printmaking residency there. Designer, illustrator, painter and printmaker, she studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Alfred University, worked in the ethnographic collections of Harvard University’s Peabody Museum, and currently designs books and printed matter for the NY publishing industry and arts non-profits. She has traveled extensively, exhibited and taught in New England, New York and the Pacific Northwest, where she now resides.