Pigment & Place- June 23- July 3



This 10-night workshop/residency experience will introduce you to the natural pigments of the Oregon Outback, the ecologically unique region in which Playa is located. In learning about the pigments of the region, you will also learn about the region’s cultural and natural history. You will learn how to ethically harvest pigments from the land and transform those pigments into paint or ink. Guided field trips will offer the opportunity to explore the region via short hikes in order to get to know pigment sites, ancient petroglyphs, and other regional wonders. (Your teacher is a certified wilderness guide with backcountry medical training so you can feel safe on these outings.) Back in the studio, you’ll learn about the history of both synthetic and natural pigments and experiment with their tendency to interact in complementary, exciting, and mysterious ways. These unique techniques and information will inspire new directions in your art.

The first part of this class (days 1 – 4) will consist of field trips, conversations, demos, slideshows, and other informative, skill-building, exploratory group activities. You’ll receive creative prompts and optional readings. Days 5 – 6 will consist of individual studio time with in-depth studio visits from the instructor personalized to your interests and goals. Day 7 will be a guided field trip, followed by 2 more days (days 8 – 9) of studio time with individual studio visits. We’ll wrap up on day 10 with the opportunity to share your work and ideas with the group.

Agenda and Materials List

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