Pigment + Place: Deep Space and Time- June 6-16, 2024

Led by artist and writer Daniela Molnar, this 10-night workshop/residency experience will introduce you to the vibrant world of natural pigments in Playa’s ecosystem. You’ll learn how to ethically forage pigments and transform them into any type of paint or ink. You’ll also learn about pigments as a way to creatively engage with ecological issues, including climate change. 

Pigments allow us to feel forms of time that our daily lives can obscure — geologic time, photosynthetic time, or what is often called “deep time.” In opening up different timescales, pigments offer a balm for the confusion and challenging emotions that ecological crises can provoke. Here in the vast, open space, making pigments from rocks and plants, you will be offered the opportunity to interact with ancient rhythms. In this way, the pigments will lead you to new directions in your art.

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* Cancellation policy: $50 cancellation fee- Six or less days before arrival NO refund; seven-14 days before arrival 50% refund; 15-28 days before 75% refund.

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