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This package includes a 4-night stay in cabin #5, registration for Developing Your Creative Superpowers: A 5-Day Exploration into Your Talents at the Intersection of Art, Nature and Community, and some meals as listed in the workshop description below.

Choose “single” for one workshop registration and single cabin occupancy.

Choose “double” for two workshop registrations and double cabin occupancy.

This spacious 1 bedroom cabin is part of the southern trio of cabins that faces the playa. It has a queen bed, a full kitchen with dining table and chairs and a large bathroom with shower. Includes a large writing/work desk in the living room and a private wrap-around deck with expansive views of the playa and the surrounding mountains.

Arrival begins Thursday, April 28 at 2:00 pm

Departure is Monday, May 2 by 12:00 pm.


Do you ever wish you could use your art, your writing, or your study of nature to save the world?  Advocating for the preservation of natural systems and working to repair climate injustice will require us all to work together in the years to come, but as solitary creative types, or as teachers of others, we don’t often get the chance to practice the art of collaborating on art with a purpose.

This 5-day guided residency will offer the opportunity to gently collaborate with a cohort of like-minded artists, writers, and naturalists while simultaneously developing your own personal practice. Each day, we will spend about an hour in collaborative thought, reflection, and activity. The rest of the day will be yours to spend as you please, working on your own practice, developing the ideas that arose in group exploration, getting to know Playa, or venturing out to the surrounding areas such as the Paisley Caves or the Petroglyph hike. Sandhill (printmaking studio) and Avocet studios will be open and available to use for anyone who wants to create within community.

Playa awakens something in everyone who has the good fortune to spend a week working in harmony with its natural gifts. And that magic is compounded by the others working around us with purpose. Whether you are a writer, a visual artist, a musician or dancer, a naturalist, or a teacher, and whether this is your first time at Playa or your fifth, you will find a sense of wonder and belonging in our time together.

Who is this guided residency for?

  • Artists in any medium and writers of any genre who create work informed by the natural world.

  • Scientists and naturalists who find new sources of inspiration by working with artists and writers.

  • Teachers who want to gain new tools for inspiring students to climate action and climate justice.

  • Professionals who want to develop their connection to the natural world through creative activities.


Over the course of 5 days, you will have 1 welcome happy hour, 1 hour each day of guided time together, and 1 shared good-bye dinner provided by PLAYA. The remainder of the time will be your own to work, journal, and explore. Here is an overview of the guided experiences:

Day 1: Thursday, April 28 (Evening): Connecting to Each Other (1 hour). Welcome! As part of arrival happy hour, we will do an exercise to determine what our “nature advocate” profile is–what are our superpowers, where are we already strong, and where do we want to grow in our own particular roles as artists, scientists, and inhabitants of a threatened planet? This activity will help us get to know each other as a cohort and set the stage for our work as a group, and as individuals, during the week. Optional: Participants who want to can stick around for evening socializing. Participants will leave with a bedtime journaling prompt.

Day 2: Friday, April 29 (Morning): Connecting to the Land (1 hour). Participants will be introduced to our shared “thoughtspace”–a board where they can post drawings, phrases, and ideas over the course of the week. We will engage in an activity to examine what it means to connect to the land as an artist, as a naturalist, and as a community member. We will generate a framework for what does and does not foster connection to nature and its rhythms. Participants have the rest of the day free to work on their own projects or to explore the Summer Lake region. Participants will leave with a journaling prompt for reflection.

Day 3: Saturday, April 30 (Morning): Connecting to Purpose (1 hour). Participants will be prompted to create a “lightly collaborative” work around a topic, an activity, or a location. This collaboration will be collectively defined in the morning session, then completed in the evening session. Participants will be able to choose to work as one large group, as several small groups or pairs, or solo in collaboration with Playa. Participants will have the rest of the day free to work on their own projects, to work in collaboration, or to explore the Summer Lake region.

Day 3: Saturday, April 30 (Evening): Collaborative Work Time (30 minutes). At a time of your choosing, participants–alone, as a group, or with partners–will return to the thoughtspace with your contribution to the collaborative project. You will add it to the “work” in whatever way you have devised (time-based arts, site-specific work, or performance can be contributed via a photo, a description, or a link). Participants will leave with a prompt for bedtime journaling.

Day 4: Sunday, May 1 (Morning): Participants have the day free to spend however they choose.

Day 4: Sunday, May 1 (Evening): A Sharing of Gifts (1 hour) After a shared meal on the patio, participants will participate in a final activity to bring closure to our time together. You will have the option to share work, knowledge, or ideas for action you have generated during the week. We will have a closing blessing and thanking of the land, the gifts that Playa offers us, and the community we have created together. Participants will leave with a closing journal prompt for evening reflection.

Day 5: Monday May 2 (Morning): The Last Word (30 minutes) Before departing, participants will be asked to stop by the “thoughtspace” to leave a final word, idea, image, or learning from the week to be carried forward. You will also be asked to reflect on how your “nature advocate” profile has changed over the course of the 5 days, and what you feel called to do next. Participants will receive a follow-up summation of our work together, as well as the contact information for any members of the cohort who wish to stay in contact.

Materials to bring: In addition to Playa’s recommended packing list, please consider bringing the following items:

  • A writing journal and your preferred writing or drawing tools.

  • The tools of your preferred medium or area of study.

  • A camera or smartphone for taking pictures and recording videos (optional).

  • Wine, beer, or non-alcoholic beverage of choice to share on our first night together (optional).

Instructor Bio:

Anne Jennings Paris is an award-winning poet, visual artist, and teacher living in Portland, Oregon. This workshop represents Anne’s third trip to Playa and her fourth trip to the Summer Lake region. Anne is the author of Killing George Washington, a collection of poetry about the American west, as well as an experienced workshop facilitator and the Haiku Alive Consultant for the Portland Japanese Garden, where she teaches students how to connect with the rhythms of the natural world through observation, writing, and illustration. Anne is interested in helping other artists, writers, and teachers connect to the natural world through collaboration, exploration, and play. She is a strong believer in the power of solo and group residencies as a way to reconnect to the natural world and the creative spirit. You can find her on Instagram @pdxpoet.

COVID Safety:

* Proof of covid vaccination, or certified medical exemption with negative covid test, will be required to participate in all 2022 programming at PLAYA.  Meals will be served outdoors on the patio or packaged to enjoy back in your cabins. All programming will be conducted outdoors as much as possible. Masks will be required for any in-door programming with 6’ distances between participants. Some indoor spaces on campus may be closed to visitors.

*No pets allowed.


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