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This option is perfect for anyone who wants to participate in all workshop activities but has an alternative place to stay. Participate in the group arrival dinner on Thursday and all daily group meetings and discussions. You will have access to the PLAYA campus to explore and create with the flexibility of staying off-campus.


In this 5-day guided residency, participants will use their own portable consumer camera, such as the one in their cell phone, to observe and document their experiences. Both externally – what they are seeing – and internally – what they’re experiencing in their bodies and minds. Julie Perini will provide daily prompts and create a supportive space for participants to share videos and experiences. Artists of all practices can benefit from learning to use video as a tool to increase awareness of the present moment. Video also provides artists with another way to create notes and capture ideas, much like a notebook or sketchbook. Join us on this five day adventure with yourself, a camera, and the world! Guided residencies offer gentle direction and opportunities to meet as a group, while also providing ample time to explore the daily prompts in relation to your own creative practice and goals.

This guided residency kicks off with a group dinner provided by PLAYA on Thursday, the day of arrival. Each morning you’ll receive a new prompt for the day and have the chance to discuss the previous days’ prompts and then have the whole day to explore on your own. Residents will gather the final day to share, critique and discuss projects and experiences. Once registered, expect an email that will capture dietary restrictions and proof of covid vaccination or medical exemption.

Materials/Equipment: (*required)

  • *Video camera that is easy for you to use, on your phone or otherwise
  • Video editing program that is easy for you to use, on your phone or computer
  • Phone stabilizer and/or tripod
  • Diaries, sketchbooks, notebooks, scrapbooks – anything you regularly use to document your life.


  • Day 1: Thursday, March 24: Group Dinner | Lecture – Screening – Discussion | First Prompts: Shooting/Editing/Manipulating
  • Day 2: Friday, March 25: Morning Prompts & Discussion of First Prompts
  • Day 3: Saturday, March 26: Morning Prompts & Discussion of Yesterday’s Prompts
  • Day 4: Sunday, March 27: Morning Prompts & Discussion of Yesterday’s Prompts
  • Day 5: Monday March 28: Share | Critique | Discussion of Overall Video Diary Guided Residency Experience

Instructor Bio:

Julie Perini is a filmmaker, daily video maker, diary keeper, reader, writer, teacher, question asker, raw nerve, hot spring hopper, long-distance hiker, a product of white suburbs of New York and DIY culture of the 90s, and friend to many. She sees movies in actual movie theaters. She likes old cameras. She eats pancakes at a diner at least once a week. She’s received numerous grants, awards, and residencies and exhibited work internationally. She’s an Associate Professor of Art Practice at Portland State University and a backcountry guide with the arts/environmental organization Signal Fire. She lives in Portland, Oregon among an inspiring community of artists, activists, and consciousness-expanders.

COVID Safety:

* Proof of covid vaccination, or certified medical exemption with negative covid test, will be required to participate in all 2022 programming at PLAYA.  Meals will be served outdoors on the patio or packaged to enjoy back in your cabins. All programming will be conducted outdoors as much as possible. Masks will be required for any in-door programming with 6’ distances between participants. Some indoor spaces on campus may be closed to visitors.

*No pets allowed.




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