July residencies will be dedicated to one of PLAYA’s central missions: to meld science and art.  During the first two weeks, residents will address climate change communication and during the second two weeks “Art, Science and the Cultural Terrain”.  Among the scientists offering their take on these topics will be biologist Walt Anderson of Arizona, Jay Knoller, a soil scientist on the faculty of Oregon State University, environmental activist Bill Marlett of Oregon and Mexico, architect Tad Gloeckler of Georgia, and geographer Eric Magrane of Arizona. Among the artists, sculptor Craig Goodworth of Oregon who is collaborating with Arizona author Justin Bendell, and installation artist Aaron Lish of Oregon. Goodworth and Bendell will lead the Oregon Humanities discussion at the July 29th  PLAYA Presents.

Please mark your calendars and come and to meet in person this exciting group of scientists and artists and learn of their collaborative time together.