W. Scott Trimble’s formative years played out in an artistic and musical household in Santa Cruz, California. Most of the time he was left to his own devices and had a fierce independent spirit. With limited resources, he began to forge his creativity by drawing and building models. Later, he explored working on bicycles and cars, playing music, building skate ramps, and so forth. This was how he communicated with his family, friends, and community. He has always been the type of person that shows you what he is doing, not telling you what he’s doing. These early artistic endeavors were made possible from his days as a paperboy, running a printing press, and carpenter. He combined utilitarian interests with other creative pursuits and began to understand that he could create objects that have message and are crafted well. Not long after, he became more interested in concept driven projects in a variety of materials and processes. He began to interpret and communicate with the world by funding his own projects and traveling his own authentic path through an art practice that he follows to this day. He creates mostly sculpture installations and large site-specific public artworks. His intention has always been to create work that is accessible, interactive, and facilitates exploration.