[sic][redacted] | Alan Page (they/he, b. 1987) is a conceptual, new media, and experimental artist who is also a collector and a dabbler. In a big glass jar, they gather media, software, tools, conversations, ideas, and the spaces between what happens when people slowly lean away from something uncomfortable. Eventually, the jar falls and breaks, spattering everything across the room. The resulting disarray is where his work lives. The work they create experiments with how to stretch media to its limits, how to pull the background into the foreground, and, most importantly, how to manipulate the digital into something compellingly disruptive. His work searches to find the exact place where brokenness is acceptable and, from there, pushes the limits of what can be visually appealing. These are not hard limits: he’s chasing the lines to expand them. Their goal is the experience of a perceptual shift, no matter how brief. They break, misuse, and recontextualize to change how they interpret and process their world. “I make art because I don’t ‘get’ the world; I make art because the manual for the game we’re supposed to be playing is in a language I don’t understand. I make glitch art to change what I don’t understand into something I can relate to: the physical and verbal ambiguity in everyday objects, places, and communication. Over time, I gather and interpret those bits and pieces and look forward to the day the collection jar shatters again and I can remix. “