Updated January 8, 2018

FOUNDERS CIRCLE | $50,000 and above                
William Roach and Julie Bryant
Waterston Family Foundation, Inc.

PLAYA | $10,000 – $49,999
Ford Family Foundation
Charles McGrath
National Endowment for the Arts
Neilson Foundation
Vermont Studio Center

Chewaucan | $5,000 – $9,999
Paul Brown and Dr. Martha Reilly
Marjorie Carmen
Oregon Arts Commission
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Humanities

Wildcat | $1,000 – $4,999
Linda L. Bonotto
Lake County Cultural Coalition
Robert and Becky Evans
Dr. Stu and Hillary Garrett
Margaret Heater
Sue and Mike Hollern
John Martin
Oregon Film and Office of the Governor
Margot Voorhies Thompson and George Thompson
Emily Silver
Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation
Ellen Waterston

Diablo | $500 – $999
Elizabeth Ahl
Charles Goodrich
Durlin and Carol Hickok
Carolyn Law
Jim O’Connor and Karen Demsey
Carol Salvin
Pepper Trail
Jim and Deanna Walls
Richard Wilhelm and Sue Arbethnot

Paisley | $250 – $499
Frances Ashforth
Talmadge Doyle
William Fox
Dan and Shelly Mayer
Lisa and Frank Ross
Victoria Wilson-Charles

Winter Rim | $100 – $249
Laurel Anderson
Marianne Barcellona
Carol Barrett
Lisa Barthelson
Curtis Bartone
Ryan Black
Amy Bonnaffong
Julia Bradshaw
William Brewer
Maria Burgio
Clarissa Calleba
Leslie Campbell
Jay and Caryl Casbon
Deborah Casey
Kathy Conde
Frank Conte
Renée Couture
Tom Crawford
Cynthia Camlin
Patricia Clark
Liz Enslin
Farnaz Fatemi
Barbara Foster
Jerry Gaffke
Tad Gloeckler
Terry Gloeckler in honor of Ray and Joyce Gloeckler
Charles Goodrich
Mark Hendrickson
Susan Hillyard
Alex Hirsch
Wendy Howard
Ingrid Lustig
Diana Jeon
Shelley Jordon
Lauren Kessler
Haena King
Sarah Klein
Keetje Kuipers
Ronald and Anita Larson
Amanda Lichtenberg

Aaron Lish
Bill Marlett
Dale Martin
Kathryn Maxwell
Megan McGilchrist
Russell Mecredy
Scott Meiners
Christine Metzge
Judith Montgomery
Elizabeth Mueller
Mary Murphy
David Naimon
Carol Newberg
Dr. Jay Noller
Monica Regan
Jana Richman
Juanita Rockwell
Sheryl Sackman
Ben Sanofsky
Jaye Schlesinger
Leslie Schwartz
Scot Siegel
Paul Skenazy
Cayla Skillin-Brauchle
Ellen Sollod
Jack Stone
Jane Thielsen
Patricia Thomas
Margot Voorhies Thompson
George Thompson
Michael Truelson
Frances Valesco
Helen Vandevort
Jim and Deanna Walls
Kazuko Watanabe
Laura Wetherington
Tim Whitsel
Bart Woodstrup
Emily Wortman-Wunder
Katy Yocum

Friends (under $100)
Deigh Bates
Maria Burgio
Diane Cook
Sarah Douglas
Michael Dyett
Diane E. Jacobs
Kate Jeffus
Timothy Jenkins
Diana Nicolette Jeon

Jolie Kaytes
David Licata
Garrett McDonough
Rob Miller
Amanda Millis
Verity Sayles
Nancy Scharf
Sal Strom
Rebecca Welti


Jeff Andrews                         
Bend Art Center                    
Robert Benson                       
Frank Boyden                        
Community Breeze                
Cynthia Camlin                      
Lynn Cazabon                        
Classic Window Coverings  
Marjorie Crosby
Deborah Ford
Charles Goodrich                            
High Desert Museum             
Charles Hood             
Dr. Dennis L. Jenkins            
Brandon Kreitler           
Lake County Library             
Carolyn Law 

Kathryn Maxwell
Ellen McMahon
Elise Michaels Media
Ann Miller
Sarah Perry
Pine Echoes Consulting
Professional Moving Services
Ripple Effects Bookkeeping
Sheryl Sackman
Paul Safar
Noah Strycker
Pepper Trail
Watermark Communications
Jim Walls
Richard Wilhelm
Ryan Woodring
Writing Ranch

Advisory Council
Liz Ahl, NH
Renee Couture, OR
Eloise Damrosch, OR
Ann Focke, WA
William Fox, NV
Jack Herring, WA
Dan Mayer, AZ
Jane Otto, CA
Robert Schrimer, NY
Margot Voorhies Thompson, OR
Catherine Woodward, NY

Kathy Schneberk-King (Volunteer of the Year 2017)
Mike Schneberk (Volunteer of the Year 2017)
Bend Art Center staff
Dawn Boone
Alexis Chapman
Patricia Clark
Amy Hutchinson
Andy Jensen
Elizabeth Quinn
Ed Schmidt
Gina Rone
Charlotte Watership


PLAYA is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. To find out more about how NEA grants impact individuals and communities, visit them online.

PLAYA is proud to be supported in part ​by the Oregon Cultural Trust

PLAYA receives support from the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon and the National Endowment for the Arts.

PLAYA is pleased to announce that we are one of the recipients of a Ford Family Foundation Golden Spot Award for our residency program. The Ford Family Foundation was established in 1957 by Kenneth W. and Hallie E. Ford. It’s mission is successful citizens and vital rural communities in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. The foundation is located in Roseburg, Oregon.