As an artist, I curate information collecting images, textures and forms, physically and in my mind’s eye as I move through this world. In my current art practice I use fiber and mixed media to depict abstracted landscapes, obscuring and controlling viewpoints offering multiple vantage points.

“Stories About Landscapes and Weather” is a theme I am currently working with to conceptually explore ways to create visual interest and texture through metaphor. How landscapes are influenced by outside elements is something that draws my attention. Weather interacts with the landscape, and it is these stories of air currents, moisture, clouds and other atmospheric patterns and their interactions with landforms that I depict through abstracted and imagined environments.

To illustrate these concepts in mixed media drawings, paintings and collages, I use mark making and line work with paint, ink, graphite and colored pencil. These marks are allowed to follow the imagined land mass and form or, in turn contradict and oppose it. In fiber, I translate this narrative into whole cloth quilts by printing my original images onto fabric where lines and marks are supported visually by incorporating embroidery, appliqué and machine quilting techniques.