Bethany Rowland is a painter and psychotherapist living in Portland, Oregon. She spent her formative years wandering the woods north of Seattle with her pet goat Toby. She has always felt a deep connection to the natural world, and is interested in questions of hope, empathy, and what motivates us to act, in response to the growing threats to our interconnected world. Her paintings are inspired by nature, rooted in memory, and connected by emotion. Birds, in all their beauty and wisdom as inhabitants of the world for 60 million years, are frequent subjects of her work; in particular, a migrating Peregrine Falcon who paid her a long visit in 2016. Bethany studied with Phil Sylvester at The Drawing Studio in Portland, OR, where she learned to trust her impulses in creating a truthful work of art. It is an ongoing process of discovery and practice. Bethany is represented by Imogen Gallery in Astoria, OR, and Brian Marki Fine Art Gallery in Palm Springs.