Bridgette (Bird) Hickey is an emerging self taught multidisciplinary archivist exploring interspecies and multidimensional communication with her ancestors and beyond human beings. She works in repetitive time intensive traditional mediums to weave fragmented and disembodied themes and materials. This includes weaving, writing, natural dyeing, quilting, sculpture, poetry, vocalizations, and performance. They are an artist, community herbalist, poet, educator, and care worker currently developing their skills in textiles, education, and grief facilitation. She has been led here through a remembering of her family’s Black Gullah, Irish, and Nipmuc lifeways. Bird has a background in medical anthropology with a focus on state inflicted intimate violence and chronic illness. She has an appreciation for relational neuroscience and somatics: the ways our sinew hold stories of joy, pain, love, and guidance for the beyond. Bridgette was invited by

Sharita Towne to attend Summer PLAYA residency in the summer of 2022, and was invited by Intisar Abioto to the curated Black Artist gathering fall 2022 session at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. In the spring of 2023 Bridgette was invited to install her floating sculpture “Amplification” at Oregon Contemporary for 8 weeks as part of homeschoolpdx’s show “Omens of Capacity.” This new sculpture, “Amplification” begins her new body of work: Symbology of an Echo. Symbology of an Echo is a series from the apothecary of time. It is constituted of objects that have manifested through day/dreams where guides informed her of things that she/we need/ed. Objects that have been remembered through practices of storytelling divination allows for recall of medicinal and sacred objects. Sculptures that come from spontaneous episodes of memory. This series is a practice of turning poems from 7 years ago into iterations of sculptures. Bridgette is always accepting support and opportunities to explore, share, and support her practice. Please inquire for full CV and ways to support Bridgette.