A rare and visceral artist, Gail Foster’s works are passionately expressive rendering of complex ideas. Her latest endeavors include elemental photography of “trash-to-treasure” assemblages, low-VOC acrylic paintings and mixed media on paper.

An uplifting and impassioned view of the human condition, regardless of gender, in the inner power of the spirit is celebrated in Gail Foster’s artwork. Foster’s art has always been concerned with change: Change within ourselves, within our personal relationships and within the relationship to universal powers. Often surrounded by rich jeweled darkness, the figures themselves are a source of illumination. Inhabiting a deep indefinite space like that at night, this pulsing luminous symbolism invokes ancient mysteries.

The inclusion of her art in 12 museum solo and group exhibitions, 32 solo private gallery shows, 72 private gallery group shows, studio films, lifestyle and trade publications as well as private and public collections is a testament to her depth of talent.