In recent years – besides several architectural projects – Gregor Holzinger has been pursuing various transdisciplinary projects in/between the fields of Set Design, Video and Installation Art, which might be subsumed under ‘site-/sight-specific installations’ — exploring the modalities of spatial perception – or the theme of artificial/modelled realities and the concept of ‘Raumtheater’ (~ theater of space[-s]), augmented in digital as well as analogue ways, dealing with Architecture in the widest sense possible. Drawing inspiration from scientific concepts and theories and informed by research on location and exploring places/landscapes of interest, this series of experimental projects is exploring the modalities of human (spatial) perception on various levels and scales, out of the very individual perspective of the viewer, by real-time mapping panoramic fields-of-view (’-scapes’), with the viewer being the actual performer in a cinematic experience – or its implications on the relations between space, landscape and the human body, by re-interpreting perceptive tools (such as all kinds of ‘-scopes’) as spatial extensions of the human senses, in different scales of perception. Gregor Holzinger lives and works in Vienna; graduated in Architecture at University of Applied Arts Vienna, studied Scenic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Some international collaborations, exhibitions and residencies, e. g. MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los Angeles, Wiener Festwochen, Public Theater New York, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space, and Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon.