Kristin Berger (Playa alumni, 2013/15/17) is the author of the poetry collections Earthwork (The Poetry Box, 2022), Refugia (Persian Pony Press, 2019), Echolocation (Cirque Press, 2018), How Light Reaches Us (Aldrich Press, 2016), and For the Willing (Finishing Line Pr,ess, 2008). Recipient of residencies from Playa, OSU’s Spring Creek Project (Shotpouch and H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest), and Starkey Experimental Forest and Range, Kristin’s work is influenced by Oregon’s High Desert, Cascades, Coastal Range and all the Pacific Northwest’s wild and interconnected landscapes. Born in Detroit, and raised in the surrounding suburbs and in the lakes and woods of Northern Michigan, Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family. More at www.kristinbergerpoet.com.