Confrontational and uncanny, KS Brewer’s research-based, interdisciplinary work deciphers the machinations of insidious trauma as cultural perpetuations of power hierarchies and even as a defining feature of our current human consciousness. Through experiential and multisensory combinations of time-based technologies, sculpture, and installation, they delve into the trans/formative potential of these injuries, and the ways they haunt us, refusing recovery and reconciliation. Their current work investigates resuscitative technologies, medical and ecological issues of air and breathing, and their disparities in impact.

KS Brewer was raised in Colorado Springs, CO, and lives in Lenapehoking/ Brooklyn, NY. They received their BA in filmmaking from NYU, and use their training in time-based technologies and their work as a professional fabricator to inform their practice. They’ve exhibited internationally, with recent shows at 601 Artspace, Collar Works, and Peer to Space. Their work has been published by Forbes, Ravelin, and Hyperallergic. They’ve been an artist in residence at ChaNorth, Laboratory, and The School of Making Thinking, participated in Queer Art’s Book & Print fair, spoken at the Queer Form panel at Satellite Art Fair, lectured at the Thessaloniki Queer Art Fair and Field Projects, received the Working Artist Grant, and curated the exhibition ‘STAG’ for the Museum of Sex.