Laura Gibson is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, video-maker and writer based both in Oregon and New York City. She’s released five full-length records and various collaborative music, film, performance and writing projects. She currently releases music with the Seattle-based Barsuk Records (US) and the Berlin-based City Slang Records (UK/EU/JP). Her songs have taken her touring across four continents and all fifty states (finally catching up with the elusive South Dakota in 2019) and have led her on various adventures from modeling in a Japanese fashion magazine to performing for an auditorium full of prison inmates. She’s had the distinct honor of playing the very first (and also the 200th) NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Her music combines a reverence for traditional folk with a love of experimentation and found sounds, though she might just as easily describe it as “pop”. Her lyrics have been called “literate” and also “earnest”. She’s currently working on a book-length writing project and a new record, both exploring the concept of hell within the American imagination—how the stories we tell about good, evil and the afterlife affect the way we treat each other.