Lofanitani is a Black Indigenous actor, writer, filmmaker, influencer, and model based in Los Angeles, CA, and working everywhere. Lofanitani was raised in Oregon both rural on her Klamath reservation in Chiloquin and urban in Portland. From making movies on her flip phone as a youth documenting life on the reservation to now where she created an award-winning short film called Lwelek Honk Sa (2021) Lofanitani has always been a storyteller. She navigates her experiences through storytelling and creating space for others to also unapologetically navigate intersectionality, center joy, and stand in their power. Currently, Lofanitani is working on Apple TV’s Presumed Innocent show at Warner Brothers and is an Indigenous Place-keeping Artist Fellow developing her feature film screenplay Kakols! She looks forward to popping off and booking one of the biggest roles of her life in 2023!