Echoes: Native Women Writers Anthology


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Last year, an accomplished group of Native Women Writers curated by CMarie Furhman participated in a virtual, year-long writing cohort. The culminating product, Echoes, is a beautiful anthology which includes work from Poets CMarie Fuhrman, Ruby Hansen Murray, Deborah A. Miranda, Kimberly Blaeser, Dawn Pichón Barron, LeAnne Howe, Linda Hogan and Alison Adelle Hedge Coke. This anthology focuses on the future as a way to keep hope alive in those to whom we will be ancestors.


  • Kimberly Blaeser
  • CMarie Fuhrman
  • Ruby Hansen Murray
  • Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
  • Linda Hogan
  • LeAnne Howe
  • Deborah A. Miranda
  • Dawn Pichón Barron

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