In my current artwork, I have been exploring the carbon cycle, the planetary process that underlies both our climate system and all of life.  I’ve been experimenting with hand-drawn, science-based images and animation sequences that explore how carbon moves through natural systems via photosynthesis, carbon cycling in the ocean (e.g., through plankton, krill, whales), exchange of carbon and oxygen through trees; even the human breath and our own bodies—all phenomena that we can’t see without an imaginative assist because they’re too big, too small, too slow, too fast, or too far away from us in space or in time to actually perceive directly.  
My earlier figurative work, primarily drawing and painting on paper and small painted sculpture, has explored human characters and human emotion. 

I am also a policy professional and strategic communicator whose work has focused primarily on support for low-income children and families, and more recently on the environment.   I live and work in Seattle, Washington.