Creative Access Residents

PLAYA is delighted to be one of 4 residencies a part of the Creative Access Award. We are grateful that residents have such an enriching experience in our rural and remote setting. Given this context, we would like you to consider the following: PLAYA is 2 hours (in great weather) from the nearest city off of a two-lane highway with very limited services available. Bend is also the only location nearby that offers the highest level of medical services. We also have a small staff of 3 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees. This staff handles over 170 residents a year and maintains a 60-acre campus. If you feel you need a Personal Care Assistant we would recommend it since staff cannot fill this role. Please be aware that there are times during the year that are higher risk such as the wildfire season June – September. Winter can also be difficult given high winds, icy roads, and deer migration.

PLAYA offers two locations that are wheelchair accessible, the Wildcat Condo/Studio, and the Commons building. The grounds are primarily grass, gravel, and desert. We do not have pathways, sidewalks, or access to other studios for wheelchairs. Many Creative Access residents have found a way to get out on the grounds with assistance from other residents, and occasionally with a golf cart driven by staff. Please consider our situation and if you have any questions or concerns please call Chelsea at 541.943.3983. We have had many successful Creative Access residencies and we look forward to having more. 

We offer our Wildcat condo and studio to our Creative Access residents. Below are measurements and pictures to help you understand the space.


  • Front Door: 32” wide
  • Main Room: 14′ x 7′ 6”
  • Bathroom door: 35”
  • Bathroom Sink: 33”
  • Height of Commode: 19”
  • ADA Shower: 34” deep, 60” wide
  • Kitchen Counter Height: 36”
  • Passageway from the Living Room to the Kitchen: 42”
  • Kitchen Counter: 36”
  • Depth of Kitchen Counter 27”
  • Bed Without Frame: 18”
  • Width of Bed: 37”
  • Length of Bed: 74”

Wildcat Studio

  • Passage to Studio: 31”
  • Counter Height: 36”
  • Work Table: 29” (Other work tables available)

– Please be advised that the commons building and the wildcat cabin/studio do not have automatic doors. If you recommend that we have more measurements to help you please let us know, we are happy to get them. 

We want to emphasize that we are in a remote, rural environment. The nearest (full service) medical services are in 2 hours away. We have a small staff managing all aspects of this residency. There are no medics on staff. We want to be clear that the grounds are not paved, access to the pond or Playa will require going over grass and uneven terrain. There are two places Creative Access Residents can access via sidewalks, the cabin/studio, and the Commons building.

Please note that more pictures and videos of what PLAYA offers will be available. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests to Chelsea at Chelsea@playasummerlake.org or you may call 541.943.3983. Thank you for investigating if we are a good fit for your comfort and residency wishes. We are happy to put you in touch with former Creative Access residents to get more information.