With a exciting background in ecology and fine art artist Shane Koehler has traveled the world teaching environmental education, designing and making environmental landscapes and creating wildlife conservation themed watercolor paintings. He has worked for notable conservation non-profits such as Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Vermont State Parks, YMCA, and Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation.

Currently, koehler resides in beautiful weird Portland, Oregon where he draws inspiration from the scenic trails along rivers, forest, beaches, mountains and high desert. His work is sold in galleries and local stores throughout the city. While at Playa, he will design and build a trail and sculpture garden for future artist in residents to install ecological focused sculptures and art pieces. Also, he will continue work on new paintings for a Pacific Northwest wildlife themed exhibition held in spring of 2021 at various museums, aquariums, and other conservation institutions.

His work as an environmental educator, landscaper and fine artist speaks to the strength and beauty of nature and reminds us we are one with the Earth. That our every day choices are a critical part in maintaining and restoring balance to ensure survival for our planet.