Shelly White is an Arizona fiber/mixed media artist and museum arts-educator. In her visual arts practice, Ms. White uses hand-dyed, stitched and collaged textiles to create two and three-dimensional pieces. Transparency, the stitched line, color and texture are key elements of her art.

Ms. White’s most recent works reflect a fascination with the visual effects of weather, the shape and texture of geographic landforms and the patterns created by human occupation. Wall pieces combine dyed and painted fabric, found papers and stitching to reference maps, community and personal experience.

Ms. White studied surface design techniques in the School of Art at Arizona State University focusing on Shibori (Japanese dye methods) screen and relief printing on fabric. She works from her home studio and exhibits in local and national venues.

Ms. White has taught and developed arts-based educational programs and special events in museum settings for more than 25 years. Most recently, she presented a series of art classes for individuals living with Alzheimer’s (and other dementias) and their care partners at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, AZ.