Vita Eruhimovitz grew up in Israel and currently lives and works in New York. Vita holds a BFA from Shenkar College(2012) and an MFA from Washington University in Saint Louis(2015). Vita’s background in computer science and bioinformatics and her interest in science and technology inspire and inform her work. She works in multiple media such as painting, sculpture, and digital media. Her art has been shown nationally and internationally, including, the Museum of Design Holon in Israel, Mildred Lane Kemper Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum in Saint Louis, and at the San Diego Art Institute Museum. Her work has been shown with the Chashama Art Space, Black and White gallery, Denise Bibro gallery, and The Governors Island Art Fair in NYC, The Sheldon Gallery in Saint Louis, MO, and her public sculpture won the Best Artwork award at the Murmuration Art Science and Technology festival.