Apply for PLAYAResidency

The next application deadline for a PLAYAResidency is March 1, 2018. All residency sessions begin on a Monday and end on a Friday. Applicants may choose between two-week, four-week, or eight-week sessions with eight-week sessions reserved for international applicants. Questions regarding PLAYA’s residencies, or the application process, can be directed to:

 To apply, please go to:

REAPPLICATION: Past residents must submit new and complete applications. Past residents must wait two years from their last application to re-apply to PLAYA. (Example: If your last residency was in Spring 2017 you would be eligible to apply September 1, 2018 for a Spring 2019 residency.)

Both for traditional and thematic residencies, special consideration will be given to an artist/writer who applies with a naturalist/scientist and to a naturalist/scientist who applies with an artist/writer.

Ford Family Foundation Oregon Visual Artist Mid-Career Residency Award

For the calendar year 2018, PLAYA has been awarded a generous grant by the Ford Family Foundation to support the work of Oregon mid-career visual artists. Any Oregon visual artists who meet the requirements of the grant can apply for an artist’s stipend to cover the costs of materials and travel related to a residency at PLAYA.

To qualify for an artist stipend an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a practicing visual artist currently producing works of art
  • Be a full-time resident of Oregon for at least 36 months prior to the application deadline
  • Be 30 years of age or older at the time of application
  • Provide evidence, through appropriate documentation, seven (7) or more years of active professional participation in your medium
  • Not enrolled in a degree-seeking program, either part-time or full-time at the time of the application or during the successive grant period. 

If an artist meets these criteria, they can apply for the Ford Family Foundation stipend by checking the appropriate box on their PLAYA application. If accepted for a residency at PLAYA, they will be sent the appropriate forms to fill out. 


PLAYA’s residencies are open to scientists, visual artists, writers, performing artists, and individuals engaged in interdisciplinary work or other forms of creative research. PLAYA welcomes a range of applicants – from emerging scientists and artists to those with an established history of accomplishment. However, applicants must exhibit a recent history of focused work within the discipline for which they are applying. In addition, they must address, in the application, their ability to thrive in a remote, isolated community and be self-directed in their work. All residents’ work must be compatible with PLAYA’s available studio spaces, facilities, and resources, and with PLAYA’s rural setting and community (see below).


A rotating panel of artists, writers, scientists and other professionals review proposals and recommend applicants for residencies. Applicants are assessed and admitted based on their demonstrated commitment to their work, and to what degree their creative process and work will benefit from the uninterrupted time and independent living environment that a residency at PLAYA provides. Special consideration will be given to artists who apply with a scientist, and scientists who apply with an artist. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of PLAYA.

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall 2018 residency deadline is March 1, 2018. Completed applications and supporting materials must be submitted online at does not accept Residency Applications by email, regular mail, or fax. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

PLAYA observes two rotating application deadlines:
March 1 – for residencies occurring in Summer/Fall (July – December) of that year.
September 1 – for residencies occurring in Winter/Spring (January – June) of the following year.


There are no fees charged for a PLAYA Residency. However, your application must be accompanied by a $35.00 non-refundable processing fee ($70.00 if applying as a collaborative team of two to six/ $140.00 for teams with 6+ members). If accepted, each resident (including each member of a collaborative team) is asked to submit a $110.00 deposit, which is refunded following the completion of a residency and is not refundable if a residency is cancelled.

As a nonprofit organization, PLAYA relies on donations and encourages those who have the ability to contribute to do so. You may donate online through the website, mail in a donation, or choose to donate your $110.00 deposit.

Session Schedule

While every effort is made to accommodate applicants’ schedule requests, we are not always able to grant your choices. Please indicate flexibility and restrictions on your application. 


If applying as a collaborative team, please have one person listed as the main applicant. As a collaborative team you MUST include the following in your statement of project: group name (if applicable), a list of all participating members, and your specific needs for lodging and workspace. In addition, each member must supply an individual resume as part of the group application.    


Couples may apply individually for concurrent residencies, with the understanding that one applicant might be accepted and the other not. If requesting accommodations as a couple, each applicant must state this explicitly on their application.

Work Sample Requirements

All Disciplines 
Current work is requested. The nature of the work sample submitted should correspond to the nature of the work the applicant proposes to do while in residence. An applicant’s work sample is the most significant feature of the application. Unless work is interdisciplinary, each applicant is encouraged to apply in a primary creative discipline and submit a work sample and statement of project which emphasizes this single discipline.

Installation Art

If your work at PLAYA includes any processes that may result in changes (immediate or long-term) to the visual, physical or aesthetic environment of PLAYA, you must first receive prior approval from the Executive Director. Activities include, but are not limited to relocating earth (rocks, sand or other), cutting or removal of plants, and/or using technology that might adversely affect biotic species (or the tranquility of the Playa experience).